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Self Tapping Swivel Tee (16540)

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63mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

63mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£49.03 ex. VAT£58.84 inc. VAT

63mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

63mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£53.71 ex. VAT£64.45 inc. VAT

75mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

75mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£54.58 ex. VAT£65.50 inc. VAT

75mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

75mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£55.42 ex. VAT£66.50 inc. VAT

90mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

90mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£56.03 ex. VAT£67.24 inc. VAT

90mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

90mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£57.05 ex. VAT£68.46 inc. VAT

110mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

110mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£69.35 ex. VAT£83.22 inc. VAT

110mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

110mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£70.33 ex. VAT£84.40 inc. VAT

125mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

125mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£75.13 ex. VAT£90.16 inc. VAT

125mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

125mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£75.80 ex. VAT£90.96 inc. VAT

160mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

160mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£88.45 ex. VAT£106.14 inc. VAT

160mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

160mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£89.46 ex. VAT£107.35 inc. VAT

180mm x 25mm Tapping Tee

180mm x 25mm Tapping Tee£106.74 ex. VAT£128.09 inc. VAT

180mm x 32mm Tapping Tee

180mm x 32mm Tapping Tee£107.68 ex. VAT£129.22 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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